These Super-Mega-Mystery-Discounted Bundles include some older items from past collections that are still perfectly good to use and are in perfect shape! Styles and colours may vary.


Animal Crossing Bundle #1: 10 greeting cards, 3 stickers

Animal Crossing Bundle #2: 9 cards, 3 stickers

Animal Crossing Bundle # 3: 7 greeting cards

Animal Crossing Bundle #4: 6 greeting cards

Drag Bundle: 4 greeting cards, 2 stickers, 1 bookmark

Video Game Card Bundle: 4 greeting cards

Nintendo Bundle: 5 greeting cards, 3 stickers

Avatar Bundle: 4 greeting cards, 5 prints, 4 stickers, 1 bookmark

Valentine's Day Bundle: 1 greeting card, 1 sticker sheet, 1 bookmark

Birthday Card Bundle: 5 greeting cards

Miscellanious Bundle: 7 greeting cards (Birthday, Thank You, Congratulations, Anniversary, Sympathy)


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Canada: 4-7 business days

United States: 5-10 business days

International: 10-14 business days


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Super Discounted MYSTERY Bundles